About this Film

“This is Reality” is an abstract exploration into the lasting impact of conflict, set in the independent nation of East Timor which lost over 200,000 people during the recent Indonesian occupation.

Few carry these scars more distinctively than Osme Gonsalves, a celebrated singer, poet, actor, and ex-resistance fighter, whose mind and body carry the visible wounds of this brutal past.

Through the creation of a charismatic alter-ego (TV reporter Rambo Marabunta) and fake TV station- (Television of Broken Hearts), Osme explores the questions trapped deep within his troubled mind. 

This is a fluid mix of documentary and mockumentary as Osme’s actual life coexists with the hyper-reality of the TV show.  Slowly these worlds will combine, blurring the lines between reality and fiction with the content of the TV show beginning to plot Osme's real past. The final segment will feature an interview between the alter ego Rambo & the artist Osme, forcing audiences to question how much of the show was real in the first place.  

“This is Reality” will use film making technique to give viewers a rare insight into the reality of living with the deep emotional scars of conflict.  It's a common reality in this tiny nation, which continues to carry the cost of independence 15 years after the conflict officially ended. 

"A documentary, about a mockumentary, about a fake reality TV show."


Picture a mix between Sacha Baron Cohen's character to Borat, and Joshua Oppenheimer's surreal documentary The Act of Killing.  



Where is this project at? 

This film is currently in the earliest stages of production, finance & production assistance are required. The trailer was filmed over one week as an indication of the concept.

The long term plan is to extend the TV show into a live broadcast event loosely styled on the David Letterman format and tour the Timorese districts interviewing local personalities. Although in essence we are creating East Timor's first "Reality TV Show," our interpretation of the format is brand new, this is a TV show based on a deeper question; what is reality?